Word On The Street Review & #Giveaway

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Whats the Word on the Street?

I love family gaming night and we are always looking for great games that will stimulate our minds and bring out our inner competitiveness.  While we have fun playing traditional games, its the games that aren’t so traditional that really gets my house amped up.  Interesting fact:  My kids love word games and any game that requires them to think out of the box and Word on the Street did just that.

What makes Word on the Street so Competitive?

Word on the Street is literally a Tug of Words, you battle to capture 8 of the letter tiles on your side of the street to win the Word on the Street.  Using Category Cards you are challenged to use words to move tiles away from your opponent.  The catch is that you can’t use compound words, for example if your category card reads “A Two Person Game” you can’t choose a word like ping pong, but you could use the word Tennis.  Using Tennis would bring the “N” tile 2 streets closer to your side.  Your ultimate goal is to get at least 8 tiles off the game board on your side of the street and the 1st team to do so wins the game.  While it seems like an easy concept, it’s not as easy as it sounds one false move and the letter tile can be off the board and to your opponents favor.

The Setup:

The board consists of 17 letter tiles excluding the vowels and the letters J,Q, X, and Z.  You have 2 sand timers that are used to time you or your team as you are coming up with your Word on the Street.  There are also the Category Cards that you use to help you determine the word you will be playing.  The other players/team’s responsibility is to distract you for coming up with a word to play.  So they may talk loud, crack jokes, make faces and do just about anything to distract you.  The game is made for 2 players or if you have multiple players you would split into two teams.  The box and instructions state that this game is designed for ages 10+, however my 6 year old clearly understood the concept and was able to join in on the fun.

Frugal Diva Word on the Street

I had a chance to play the Life Size Version of Word On The Street in November!!! FD = Frugal Diva

My Family Challenge:

My family sat down on Christmas Eve and prepared for the ultimate Tug of Words.  We split up into two teams. Each team consisted on an adult, teenager and a little one.  We didn’t just play for bragging rights we played to avoid chores.  Winner got to relax and the loser was responsible for Christmas dishes!  Our game took about 30 minutes and unfortunately I was on the losing team (booooo) so I was forced to wash dishes on Christmas, however revenge is in the near future as we plan on playing this game again during the next family game night.

Word On The Street was an Instant Hit in my household and I think it will be hit in yours too!!  So I have teamed up with a group of amazing bloggers to bring you a chance to win your own copy of Word on the Street!

In my opinion, Word on the Street is a fun and competitive game guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping as you attempt to beat your opponent in an awesome Tug of Words game. Do you think you are creative enough to win? Will your name be the Word on the Street? Enter to win your own copy of Word on the Street. 2 Winners will be selected will it be you?

To enter, just fill out the form below. The only mandatory task is the first one, the rest are optional. Good Luck!!!

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of Word On The Street in exchange for my honest opinion.  The opinion listed above is 100% my own.  The giveaway is being sponsored by Out of the Box and  prize fulfillment will be completed by Out Of the Box.  Additionally, this giveaway is in no way affiliated with Facebook.  Open to the US only and ends on 01/01/2013 at 12:00 PM CST!

Disclosure: Please be advised that this post may contain affiliate links & while clicking on these links help support TheRealFrugalDivas, it is at NO cost to you. See TheRealFrugalDivas Disclosure Policy for complete details.


  1. Donna Tinus says:
    After all these years my favorite board game is still Scrabble.
  2. Jessamine Marie Ricafort Dungo says:
    I must say Monopoly and Scrabble :)
  3. My favorite board game was Sorry!!
  4. nikki krutz says:
    my 4 year old daughter and i have been playing a lot of candyland lately! :)
  5. JJ Caraway says:
    I asked Santa for a Scrabble game when I was in my teens and now my granddaughter and I play. S my favorite board game is SCRABBLE.
  6. Scrabble is one of my favorites.
  7. Leah McWhorter says:
    Monopoly & Scrabble
  8. Valarie Lee Gentry says:
  9. Jenette Gardner says:
    my favorite was Clue but i really liked the electronic version called Stop Thief.
  10. I like monopoly!
  11. Mary Ann Knox says:
    It will always be Monopoly! We played it as a family when I was a kid. :-)
  12. claudia Ellis says:
    My favorite game is the game of life. love to play that with the kids!
  13. I would have to say clue
  14. carol doty says:
    My family would have a blast with this as we play scrabble allthe time and words with friends
  15. Debbie Clauer says:
    I love Tripoly.
  16. My favorite board game is Mad Gab
  17. jamie braun says:
  18. Sorry
  19. I love playing games (word games) with my Mom who is 88 yrs young, it truly helps keep her mind sharp!!! Looking forward to getting a new game to play with her.
  20. Debby Chandler says:
    Monopoly was always a favorite of mine.
  21. Angelique Drummond says:
    My favorite board game is Scene it, but I love word games as well such as scrabble.
  22. tammy saylor says:
    My family like scrabble.
  23. Sandra Strickler says:
    My all time favorite board game is Huggermugger. But I haven’t found anyone who will play it! It’s not really a game for a range of ages to play together. I would suggest only kids play each other or only adults play. Love this game!
  24. Jessica Dunn says:
    We like to play scrabble.


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