Target Shopping: $3.40 for 6 items

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target shopping

Target Shopping: $3.30 for 6 items

I am on a mission to prove to my friends and family that they should start using coupons and taking advantage of the deals I post, however I know many of them get overwhelmed by my “coupon jargon” and hey so do some of my readers so I decided to do a simple deal to show everyone how you can save money on groceries without even printing or clipping a single coupon from the paper.  This transaction was done at Target and required the use of my smartphone and a Target application called “Cartwheel” now saving gets no easier than this so I want you to take a deep breath and just follow these instructions so that you can recreate the same deal.  Keep in mind I did not use a single PAPER coupon all I used was my smartphone. So what I have decided to do was do a step by step breakdown of the deal and challenge all of you to go out and recreate it, this way you can see for yourself how easy it is to save money using coupon and shopping smart!

  • Step 1 – Text the word FRESH to 827-438
  • You will receive a link to mobile coupons from Target in that link will be 6 IMPORTANT coupons that will help you complete your transaction they are:  $1.00 off Archer Farms or Market Pantry Purchase of $2+, $1.00 off Fresh Vegetables $1+, $1.00 off Frozen Food item $1+, $1.00 off Fresh Fruit $1+, $1.00 off any brand sandwich bread, and $1.00 off fresh meat $1+
  • You will notice that when the link directs you to the coupons there is a bar code at the top of the coupons, this bar code will be scanned by the cashier and will save you $6.00 on this purchase.
  • Okay next step – Go to you App Store and download the Target Cartwheel application.  You will like Target Cartwheel with your Facebook page and this application will help you save 5% on several of the items you are going to purchase.
  • Once you sign into the application add the following coupons to your cartwheel:  5% off Market Pantry Frozen Fruit, 5% off All Natural Ground Beef, and 5% off Market Pantry Bread.
  • Notice at the top of your Cartwheel Coupons there is also a Bar Code, this will also be presented at check out for additional savings.

Now these steps may have taken you a total of 5-7 minutes tops, now I am going to show you what to do to take advantage of these savings.  Head to Target and grab these items:

Green Giant Broccoli (In the bag by the fresh veggies) on sale for $1.49 (Make sure this is ringing up for the right price, if not have the cashier adjust mine rang up for $2.49 but its on sale for $1.49 so I had to have my total adjusted in the end)
Market Place Pantry Bread $1.39
5 Bananas – Bananas are A$0.24 each so 5 of them will be $1.20
Birds Eye Veggie Medley with Brown Rice $1.02
Market Place Froze Mixed Berry Medley $2.96
Ground Round on sale for $2.51

Head to the cashier and have her ring these items up, then present your cartwheel application first.  This will take 5% off of the Market Place Frozen Fruit, The Ground Round and the Bread.

Then present your Target Mobile Coupons Barcode which will take another $6.00 off your order.

Final Price: $3.40 for all 6 items or $0.57 per item.  Tell me when have you EVER paid only $0.57 for Ground Beef or any of these items.

Okay here are some other things you should know, if you use a Target Red Card you can save an additional 5% off your total and if you bring in your own recyclable bag you can save an additional $0.05. So these are also additional factors that can help you save money…see how easy this is getting?…lol

Happy shopping and if you are my friend on Facebook or Instagram please be sure to tag me in your hauls as I like to see the end results of a great deal!

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  4. So, you have to have the cashier scan each coupon? Is there a lot of coupons to sort through to find them? I am just curious how long it takes to find and scan all the coupons. Maybe I should download the app, lol.
  5. Diva – I dont have a smartphone. Can I somehow print out these barcodes on paper and give to cashier? Or, I have a Kindle w/ internet access, could I use that somehow instead? Not too tech savvy here, lol. Thx for help.
    • Hi there! Unfortunately this deal does require a phone with internet access for the target coupons. You could probably download cartwheel to your kindle but would still need access to be able to access a text link from your phone. I don’t think It has to be a smartphone just a phone that has internet access.
  6. My first time on this site! Instructions were easy to follow! I am new to this and loved the experience! Thank you!

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