Talk To Me Tuesdays!!

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Talk To Me Tuesdays!!

Introducing Talk to Me Tuesdays!  Well I am sure you are wondering what Talk to Me Tuesdays are all about so I won’t delay telling you.  Talk to me Tuesdays is about talking to companies, brands, and/or manufacturers – yep that simple.  I say in my couponing101 post that we can ask for coupons and we do that simply by letting the companies know what we feel about their products in our own words.  So each week I will be providing you with 5 companies/brands/manufacturers that you can reach out to and tell them how their products fit into your life. With that said there are a few things that you need to do and think about before contacting the company.

  • This is the most important statement of all of them:  Keep in mind that a person will be responding to your request.  So be courteous in your interactions and communications.
  • Ask the company/brand/manufacturer if there is a newsletter that you may join so that you can sign up for their coupons.  Newsletters are a great way to get exclusive coupons and savings.
  • Know that companies/brands/manufacturers LOVE to get compliments and also LOVE to know how their brand fits in your lifestyle.  Don’t just ask for a coupon, tell them why that coupon makes a difference in your situation.
  • Know that not everyone offers coupons, so you may get a thank your reply and NO coupons!

This week’s we will be contacting the following brands:


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  1. Chandra says:
    Great idea! Gonna give it a try and see what happens.

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