Show your #KmartLove via @Kmart Instagram

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Show your #KmartLove via @Kmart Instagram

As special as Valentine’s Day is, it’s not the only day out of the year that you show your loved ones how special they are or how much you care. You might treat your best friend to brunch when you catch up, just to let her know you appreciate spending time with her. You and the kids bake Grandma her favorite cookies—using the recipe from when you were little. And let’s not forget the little things that your loved ones do for you, too. Maybe your husband surprises you with roses and a bubble bath at the end of an especially hectic week, or your tempestuous teen gives you a big hug when they come home from school.

Gestures like these help us show our friends and family that we love them, and when they do the same for us, it lets us know that they love us too. Sharing these moments with the other people in our lives helps to spread those warm and fuzzy feelings – and with social media, it’s even easier to share these moments with your friends and family who live miles away. What could be more rewarding that showing someone you love them?

Now through Wednesday, January 22, Instagram users who share these special moments and gifts of affection with Kmart Instagram will get the chance to win a $25 gift card. To be considered, tag @Kmart in your photo and use #MoreLove in the photo’s description. 

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