Why I should be your Shop Your Way Personal Shopper?

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personal shopper Why I should be your Shop Your Way Personal Shopper?

Divas & Dudes we are in the holiday season and if you are like me you are shopping til you find the best deals around town. Well I personally am the type of Diva that can shop til I drop, especially when it comes to finding the best sales, yet I realize that everyone does not have the same patience level or tolerance that I have toward shopping.  That’s why Kmart/Sears invented the Shop Your Way Personal Shopper Program.  It’s a program to help you save money, get advice on your purchases and increase your awareness of the brands available to purchase from Kmart and Sears.

I personally love this program because I love helping people find the best deals, that was the original premise behind this blog in the first place.  Plus Kmart and Sears are always sending out EXCLUSIVE coupons and bonus point offers to my clients, now keep in mind the offers may vary from client to client, but here’s an example of an EXCLUSIVE offer one of my clients received:

sywrThen there are the coupons that you find in the Coupons section of the Shop Your Way Marketplace where you can score discounts and even freebies.  You simply load the coupon onto your Shop Your Way Card and it will be taken off during checkout.  Here’s an example of a current coupon that I was offered:


Oh did I mention that that is a store coupon so it may be stacked with a manufacturers coupon to maximize your savings.  There is also an option to load electronic manufacturers coupons onto your card as well, so you can save time and avoid clipping coupons.

Let’s not forget about FREE shipping for 90 Days via Shop Your Way Max our exclusive shipping program, and considering the time of the year it is, and the number of deals that I will be posting that may require shipping.  It’s in your best interest to sign up for me to be your Personal Shopper just to save on the shipping fees alone, PLUS ALL OF THIS IS FREE to you!  It’s free to join this program and there is no cost to save you money.

With all of this in mind, why wouldn’t you sign up for ME to be your Shop Your Way Personal Shopper!

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