Who says it never snows in Southern California? #DisneyFrozenEvent

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Who says it never snows in Southern California? #DisneyFrozenEvent

Bring on the Snow and Bring on the Ice because from 11/18 to 11/20, Southern California will be FROZEN during Disney’s Red Carpet Premiere of their newest animated film FROZEN.  Oh and guess who will be present to help Ice out the Red Carpet…You guessed it, your very own Frugal Diva!!!  I have finally pinched myself enough times to realize that yes my dreams have come true and yes I am going to LA for the Red Carpet Premiere of Disney’s latest animated film FROZEN.

I have been nothing but smiles since Monday when I got the email titled “Disney Invites YOU to Los Angeles 11/18 – 11/20!”  So I have a secret to share with you but you have to promise that you won’t laugh.  Okay you promised not to laugh.  So I know the email came to MY email, I know it was addressed to ME, but yes I really did open it and do that dumb stare people do when they are in shock and aren’t really sure if what they are reading is correct.  Then I had the nerve to look around and double check to make sure it was INTENDED for me.  That reaction was followed by me belting out “YES” extremely loud while I jumped out of my seat. Needless to say my kids feel I may need to seek counseling due to my over the top outburst, but hey that’s a separate blogpost and pending insurance approval…lol.   I am truly in shock, blessed and honored to be one of 25 bloggers who have been selected for this experience and I promise you Disney picked the right gals for this premiere! As we are going to Ice out that Red Carpet #Bloggerstyle…lol

Get a sneak peak of what my excitement is all about, by checking out the official FROZEN Trailer:

Amazing Right? 

I can’t wait to see the movie as the trailer made me MELT!  However, according to Olaf (the snowman in the movie) some things “are worth melting for” and this experience is definitely one of them! In addition to be being able to experience the Red Carpet for FROZEN, we will also have the opportunity to screen SAVING MR. BANKS (opening in limited markets on 12/13 and everywhere on 12/20), as well as get a behind the scenes look at the history of MARY POPPINS (available on Blu-ray combo pack 12/10).  How Ironic right? Anyone who knows me personally knows that I tell everyone to have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day…I’m starting to think this trip was designed exclusively for ME!

saving mr banksThis journey is going to be absolutely amazing and I would love for you to follow along by following hashtags: #DisneyFrozenEvent #SavingMrBanks & #DisneyFrozen so that you too can share in the fun. Plus be on the lookout for pictures, posts, shopping trips and much more related to these special dates.  You can also countdown the days until Southern California gets FROZEN by checking the countdown calendar on the right side of this blog!!

Oh also don’t forget to like and follow the social media sites below. 

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Visit the official website: http://www.disney.com/frozen

FROZEN opens in theatres everywhere on November 27th!

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Visit the official Website: http://www.disney.com/savingmrbanks

Disclosure: I’m attending an all-expense paid trip, including airfare, hotel and meals to Los Angeles on behalf of Disney. All opinions in this post and future posts from this event are 100% mine.

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  1. Dreams really do come true, right? So glad you’re getting an opportunity to go! See you there!
  2. I had the same reaction, like a deer in headlights, for a bit 😛 See you in LA!

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