Planet Sock Monkey: Just a Little Monkey Business

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planet sock monkey


Planet Sock Monkey: Just a Little Monkey Business

Introducing Planet Sock Monkey, the coolest monkeys you will ever see!  Planet Sock Monkey is a brand new doll line that is all about expressing and being who you want to be; they are also totally cool (in my 5th grade voice).  Let me introduce you to the gang:

  • Long Sock Silver – He’s the jokester of the crew and is all about laughing and telling his pirate stories.  Did I mention he is a friendly pirate?
  • Ima Bananerd – Who says nerds can’t be sexy?  Ima is proud of who she is and how intelligent she is, but she has a little secret – secretly she is “Dear Nan” from the school’s advice column, but don’t tell anyone!
  • Eaton Dedd – pronounced “Eaten Dead” lol yes, he’s a zombie.  Definitely is not one for words, in fact his vocabulary is limited to “Grrrrrr”
  • Magenta Beetsch – aka Miss Independent aka the Reader – Little Miss Magenta has an agenda of her own, she doesn’t follow the crowd and she loves to read.
  • M.O.N.K. – He’s got the looks, he’s got the moves but most importantly he’s got S.W.A.G. lol M.O.N.K. is the hippest of the crew, he likes to keep it real and mentor the youth at the community center.
  • Star Harmonkey – The crew would not be complete without a Star or shall I say without STAR.  Star is the musician of the group, she loves to write songs and sing.  Her pet peeves include bullying and running out of her favorite lipstick.

Now that you have met the crew, let me ask which one can you relate to?  I personally think I am more like Ima Bananerd, because I embrace my nerdiness and I think it’s sexy.  However the Little Diva in Training is more like Star Harmonkey, so little Miss Star is who arrived at my home the other week.

starharmonkey Star actually is a little cutie in her gold chiffon dress with her pink star boots, plus she comes with her musical accessories.  Her hair is easy to comb and she is soft so of course a spot was made for her on the Little Diva’s bed for her to sleep.  The Little Diva likes the fact that she is different from the rest of her dolls and I like the fact that she her storyline is one that is positive and meant to encourage girls to be comfortable in their skin. That’s truly what I like about all the dolls from the Planet Sock Monkey line, while they are designed to be cute, hip and chic they have storylines that promote awareness, self confidence and community service.  Showing little ones that you can be fly and hip, while being yourself and having a positive impact at the same time.

To learn more about Planet Sock Monkey or to purchase your own, visit Patch Products.  You can also follow them on their social media.

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