Old School Vs New School: My Perspective on Get A Horse #DisneyFrozenEvent

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Disclosure: Disney provided me with an expense paid trip to Hollywood for the Disney Frozen Event in exchange for my review of the events of the trip. No other compensation is given. The opinions and experiences in my posts are 100% mine.

get a horse

Old School Vs New School: My Perspective on Get A Horse #DisneyFrozenEvent 

Let’s face it Disney is the leader in animation, because they simply don’t “horse around” and that is proven in the latest Disney Short “Get A Horse”.  The concept behind Get A Horse is that pesky old Pete is up to no good and he is harassing poor little Minnie Mouse.  Well here comes Mickey to the rescue, because of course Mickey will never let Sweet Minnie be in harms way let alone within Pete’s grasp. The look of Get A Horse is a New School vs an Old School look.  The scenery and imagery of Mickey Mouse and the gang is old school Mickey Mouse.  You have Minnie with the little hat with the little flower in it and it begins in Black & White, however as the short progresses the animation turns into a New School look, by adding color, 3D and the CG animation to it.  You can see in the pictures below what I mean, the picture to the left shows the Old School look and the picture to the right shows the New School being implemented.

getahorse (Photo Credit: Disney)

The short Get A Horse is quite comical and you will laugh throughout the entire short.  My favorite part is with Clara the Cow and her cellphone, again just another way Disney brought the New School features into this clip by incorporating items that are current to the clip.  I don’t want to spoil what happens in the clip, but I do want to give you a spoiler alert…lol.  Look at the picture above to the right.  Okay you see the hole in the screen where you can see a little color on Pete’s face…well that’s where the screen and things begin to “TURN” literally…hahahaha.  Okay that’s my hint now you have to go check out Frozen to see what I mean, and if you need to decide whether you should go see Frozen, then you definitely need to check out my Disney Frozen Review! 

Check out this short trailer of Disney’s Get a Horse short:

Get A Horse! Clip on Disney Video

 Here’s some fun Mickey Mouse facts and facts about Get A Horse:

  • Mickey Mouse turned 85 on November 18th. (I hope you sent him a Birthday Card..smile)
  • Walt Disney is the original voice of Mickey Mouse.
  • Walt’s voice was used to create the Disney Short Get A Horse and EVERY word with the exception of ONE word was said by Walt.  The one word they could not find, they spliced together using other words so that the entire clip was done in Walt’s voice.  Do you know what word they spliced together?  I am going to give you a hint, its the color of Mickey’s Shorts.
  • The image of Mickey Mouse in Get A Horse is based upon the 1928 version of Mickey Mouse, however all animation was new animation, no animation was taken from past clips.
  • They had to mess up the 2D animation (i.e. make the drawings imperfect) so that they could create the CG animation.

We were lucky enough to sit and chat with Director Lauren MacMullan,  Legendary Disney artist Eric Goldberg and CG animator Adam Green.  Where we learned the interesting facts above and where we also were able to see secret Disney footage showing how they actually created the short.  Believe it or not, things appear perfect on screen but there are somethings that you will never see behind the scenes that are imperfect that gives the illusion of perfection on screen.  Make sense?  Didn’t make sense to me either until I was able to see what I am trying to explain lol.  Adam Green actually does a better job at explaining it, in our interview he said:

Some of the things we wanted to sort of figure out in this test were, um, first off, how are we gonna handle Mickey’s ears?  It may seem simple.  They’re two circles.  But in CG, this is very difficult to do because his front ear is his back ear, but when he turns his head the other way, his back ear becomes his front ear.  Uh, in CG, his ears are sticking off in space.  In 2D, you just draw them as circles.  But in this world, well, they always have to be facing the camera, otherwise they don’t look like.  So we had to figure out how are we gonna be able to turn his head because it doesn’t work physically.  And the trick is you slide his ears along the top of his head.  So if you watch closely you can see whenever he turns his head left or right, uh, the ears actually slide along the top.

Lauren told us all about Mickey Mouse and how the concept of Get A Horse came about, she had this really cool slide showing all the things that Mickey had been in the past.  Listing from A to Z of the type of characters he had played, it was really cute and entertaining because you don’t realize how much Mickey has done over the past 85 years, but he has literally been a Jack of All Trades.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to Lauren, but hopefully she reads this blog post because there was one thing that Mickey hasn’t been yet…A Blogger (hint hint), he’s welcome to come blog for me (smile).

Eric Goldberg decided to challenge us and that he was going to make an Artist out of me…yeah he had more faith than I did…lol.  I also need to say this, that Eric Goldberg is by far one of the best animators EVER and he is also the coolest and most down to earth individual EVER!!  Okay I got that out lol. So we got sketch paper and charcoal pencils and he showed us how to draw Pete.  Now don’t laugh but this is my rendition of Pete, not bad for a techy chick, hey I’m a writer not a drawer (smile).


Spending the day learning the behind the scenes at Disney and how Get A Horse was created truly made me wish I worked for Disney.  It’s a magical place to visit and work for.  (Oh and they feed you really well when you are there, just thought I would throw that in…smile)


Disclosure: Disney provided me with an expense paid trip to Hollywood for the Disney Frozen Event in exchange for my review of the events of the trip. No other compensation is given. The opinions and experiences in my posts are 100% mine.

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