Nintendo 3DS and Paper Mario Game Bundle only $109.99!!

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 Nintendo 3DS and Paper Mario Game Bundle only $109.99!!

Mrs DivaClaus (i.e. ME) Literally has 2 items left on her holiday shopping list and this is one of the two.  My baby has been begging me for a Nintendo 3DS for the last year and I guess she is going to get one thanks to this deal.  I personally will spend big money on educational “toys” which is how she ended up with her Nabi2Tablet, however I just could not bring myself to pay $169.99 for a Nintendo 3DS and then this deal has come along.  Now let me state this, this is a REFURBISHED Nintendo 3DS that is being offered in this offer, but in my opinion its still the best deal around because it comes with a warranty and free shipping if it needs to be returned.  Also considering the fact that this is for a 7 year old I am willing to spend $60 less on a gift vs going after the pink one that I wanted for $169.99 and as a compromise I am going to order a BeDazzle Kit and let her bling it out Frugal Diva in Training style…lol.

This innovative handheld device melds Nintendo’s portable gaming know-how with multiple control styles and dual screens, including a touchscreen that gamers can operate with a stylus. The console also brings numerous new features to the handheld realm: a circle pad to better control the action in a 3D world, cameras that can take pictures in 3D, and built-in software.

Nintendo 3DS System (Refurbished)
  • 3D gaming without having to wear 3D glasses or duct tape three laptops to your head
  • One inner camera and two outer cameras take 3D photos
  • Includes adjustable stylus for touchscreen use
  • Built-in software such as Nintendo 3DS Sound
  • 3D mode can be adjusted or turned off completely
  • One year warranty
  • Includes charger
  • Condition: manufacturer refurbished
  • Includes game:  Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Thanks, FoodNService!

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