Money Mondays: The Power of $5.00

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money mondays

Money Mondays: The Power of $5.00

How do you spend $5? Let me rephrase…what are some items that you purchase weekly that cost approximately $5? For me it was a Carmel Macchiatto from Starbucks. I would religiously treat myself to such a treat without a care in the world. It was only five bucks and I never missed the money. Well I never missed it until I had a conversation with my insurance agent who shared with me how he paid for his sons college tuition with just $5 a week. I was amazed. All of a sudden those Carmel Macchiattos weren’t so tasty. If I had known just how powerful my hard earned $5 was I would’ve found a better use for it than a calorie packed coffee from Starbucks. He explained to me that certain life insurance policies don’t just benefit your family when you die. He went on to explain and show me how for a minimal amount over a period of time it can accumulate to I nice nest egg and then can be used for a number of things.

I’m not an insurance agent so I can’t go into much detail about the product however I will say this, contact a very knowledgeable life insurance agent of your choice and they should be able to show you the power of $5. If you don’t have one contact me and I’ll put you in touch with mine. I must say that knowledge is power. So many amongst us have accumulated wealth with very little means by being knowledgeable about how to invest what they have and through patience. The road to financial freedom isn’t always an easy one however stay on the road with your destination in front of you and through determination and perseverance you’ll get there.

nikki headshotTips and Information provided for Money Mondays are quoted from Ms. Seatrice Foster. Ms. Foster represents an array of clients which include but are not limited to Small Business Owners, Franchise Owners, Private Placement, Developers, Attorneys, Actors, Musicians, NBA Players, Retirees, and your everyday hard working citizen looking to build generational wealth through Real Estate. Contact Information for Seatrice Foster ~Trinity Capital Development
email: ~ Phone: (773) 571 – 8207

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