Money Mondays: The First Lesson in Building YOUR #Wealth

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money mondays

Money Mondays:  The First Lesson in Building YOUR #Wealth

Most of us feel that unless we win the lottery or some abnormal stroke of luck we will never become millionaires. That’s the furthest from the truth. We’ve been taught that having an abundance of money is somehow sinful so we carry guilt with desiring it. So we have developed abusive habits that continue to cause it to leave us. Sure some of us have managed to save a nice amount only to deplete it as soon as a perceived emergency comes and we are back at square one.

So the first lesson to building your wealth is to create a healthy relationship with your money. How do you do that? Well for beginners understand it’s purpose. Money is tool that needs to be used in a way that benefits you before it benefits others. Every dollar every dime and penny you spend is contributed to anothers wealth. You pay for food, utilities,clothing, taxes, education, beauty entertainment, etc. By the time your next check comes your hard earned money from the previous check is all in someone elses hands. During all that spending who was paying you? I know all too well the answer.

So let your money know you care enough about it to keep it nurture it and increase it. The next check you receive, pay yourself first. Keep 10% of your earnings and no matter what comes don’t spend a dime. Purchase a wallet or use an old one, make sure it’s empty then take the 10% and put it into the wallet. Place this in a safe place. Continue to do this every pay period until it gets so full of money you have to get a new wallet. The wallet is significant because it creates a personal relationship with you and your money. It will also attract more to you. By doing this you shift your consciousness. You now have taken control of your money and how you spend it. Things will come up and you’ll be tempted to use it but no matter what don’t touch it. The situation will pass like it always has and you’ll still have your nest egg. If you have doubts that this works no worries it’s normal. This is a major change but trust in yourself you can do it. You are valuable to all those around you and a major asset to our economy.

Now it’s time to be an asset to yourself!

nikki headshotTips and Information provided for Money Mondays are quoted from Ms. Seatrice Foster.  Ms. Foster represents an array of clients which include but are not limited to Small Business Owners, Franchise Owners, Private Placement, Developers, Attorneys, Actors, Musicians, NBA Players, Retirees, and your everyday hard working citizen looking to build generational wealth through Real Estate.  Contact Information for Seatrice Foster ~Trinity Capital Development
email: ~ Phone: (773) 571 – 8207

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