Money Mondays: 52 Week Challenge Week 2

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Money Mondays: 52 Week Challenge Week 2

Let’s talk about saving money and the 52 Week Challenge.  Now I will be honest I tried to do this last year and it was epic fail, but I am prepared this year to make it to the end of the year doing this challenge.  If you are new to this challenge and don’t know what its about, let me fill you in.  Each week you will save a specified amount of money based upon the current week.  So week 1 you saved $1, week 2 you saved $2 (total $3.00 saved so far), week 3 you will save $3 etc.  The ultimate goal is to save $1,378 during the year.

To help you keep track of this challenge, be sure to print the chart below.  So far its been easy, I feel off about week 20 last year so my goal is not only to make it past week 20 but make it all the way to the end.  I will be checking back in on Monday to show off my savings and check out where you are at!


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