Make Christmas a little more “Personal” with Personal Creations #Spon #PCHoliday

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Disclosure: TheRealFrugalDivas received one or more of the items listed below for evaluation purposes, however all opinions are 100% my own.


Make Christmas a little more “Personal” with Personal Creations #Spon

“Out with the old and in with the new!  This year was a year that was full of new adventures, firsts, and just me taking on new opportunities that were beyond my wildest imagination.  So of course I have to end the year with a bang….For me that Bang is my favorite holiday of the year, Christmas.  Last year I tried something new, I bought my first Live Christmas tree only to find out that I was extremely allergic to the pine needles.  So after 3 medications, plenty of Benadryl, a vacuum full of pine needles and socks full of them too, I learned that I will never be able to do a live tree again.  When we threw the tree out last year we threw out EVERYTHING, with the exception of 5 ornaments that we couldn’t part with.   So I have been looking forward to decorating the tree with the little ones and re-designing our tree as well.

The five ornaments that we kept, we kept because they are special ornaments that we will continue to place on our tree every year.  Those are the ornaments that the kids made at school or their “Baby’s First Christmas” Ornaments – those of course we couldn’t get rid of as they are sentimental.  With that in mind we added a few other sentimental ornaments to our collection this year, with the thought that we will continue to add special ornaments every year until the tree is full of nothing but special ornaments.  I wanted to start some traditions and memories that we could look back on and talk about.  I wanted to be able to pull an ornament off of the tree or out of the box and say we got this in “2013” and this was happening at that time.  Memories, Traditions, and Fun Times – that’s what I want my kids to remember every year during this season.

Here are some of the cutesy ornaments that I received to add to our “2013 Ornament Collection”



I picked this cute Noel Ornament showcasing My kids and my name.  This Christmas it will only be the 3 of us as my big boys won’t be visiting from North Carolina.  So the little ones are stuck with ME.  This ornament is really cute, not only is it personalized but it’s well crafted.  It’s not a heavy ornament and it is perfect to showcase your family members.



Two Peas in a Pod:  I choose this ornament for obvious reasons, the Little Diva and Little Dude are definitely Two Peas in a Pod.  I want them to remember their bond and how close they are.  This year I let the two of them decorate the tree while I put the hooks on the ornaments, and they did an awesome job!!!  The end result is what you see above.



The Mittens:  This year required for ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!  With the changes that were made this year we had to work together.  So the mittens symbolize our hard work this year.  The boy got to get green since he was the odd man on the team…lol.  I am going to fill their mittens with little treats (i.e. candy) that they can eat on Christmas



Activity Ornaments:  These all speak for themselves!  It showcases our activities for this past year.  Aiden is working on his yellow belt, Cheya in her dance classes and me of course The Diva Blogger Extraordinaire!!!




The Stockings:  Well aren’t we supposed to hang them from the fireplace with care?  Well I don’t have fireplace, but of course we needed stockings for all the cool stocking stuffers that Mrs. DivaClaus has been collecting throughout the year.  I choose these stockings in particular because these kids had me running this year.



The Diva Ornament:  This is by far my favorite ornament, because its for me…lol.  Being a December Baby I love this ornament because its made for us December Babies and look at the signature on the Ornament.  Now look at the Signature on this blogpost….not exactly the same, but resembles and gets across the point.  This year has been an AWESOME year blogging and this ornament was chosen to symbolize just that.

Do you have meaning for your ornaments or are you looking to put some extra meaning into your Holiday Decorations this year?  If so I STRONGLY encourage you to shop the awesome collection over at Personal Creations, as this is where all of these Gorgeous and Divalicious Ornaments came from. Check out this Personal Creations Pinterest Board:

Follow Personal Creations Blogger Board: Christmas Ideas on Pinterest

Now I hope you are ready to personalize your own Christmas creations? Personal Creations is offering my readers 20% off of all of your purchases through the end of December. Click HERE to start shopping and the 20% will be applied in your shopping cart.



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