Introducing Kristen Bell #DisneyFrozenEvent

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kristenbellIntroducing Kristen Bell #DisneyFrozenEvent

Okay so you got a chance to see how beautiful the White Carpet was and how I got chocolate wasted at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain.  Well let me tell you about my experience meeting Anna aka Kristen Bell, one of the Princesses in Disney’s latest Animation Frozen which will be in theaters in time for Thanksgiving (11/27/13). So for those of you who don’t know who Kristen Bell is let me bring you up to speed.  Kristen is best known as the teenage Private Detective “Veronica Mars” (UPN Network) and she is currently known as Jeannie van der Hooven on Showtimes “House of Lies”.  Kristen is a quite versatile actress and she can go from one extreme to the next, hence the reason she is having such a successful career.

Now that you know a little background information let me give you a brief description of this wonderful lady.  First of let me say that she (Kristen Bell) is a Ball of Fire and a Ray of Sunshine all wrapped into one.  Her personality demands your attention and you can’t help but gravitate towards her when she enters the room.  I definitely did not expect this much enthusiasm from someone as petite as she is, but was pleasantly surprised and truly enjoyed being in her presence.  She was also very laid back, talkative and comfortable in the room with 25 bloggers ready to hear all about her and how she scored the role of Anna.  So without further ado here is what Kristen Bell shared with us.

When asked how did she get involved in this project, she eagerly replied:

I well I’ve always wanted to be in a Disney animated feature like since I was four years old or five years old.  It was the first goal I had ever set for myself.  But I- the reality is I, um, auditioned for Tangled and after my audition the casting director pulled me aside and she said “oh that was great and if we go another way”, which I think she knew they were, um, “but I want you to meet Chris Buck because he’s directing a project that’s a few years down the line called The Snow Queen, and I think you’d be right for it”.  And what’s funny is that she said, and he said, because I had lunch with him in the Disney commissary that afternoon and he said “it’s a much more traditional Disney musical.”  And that was the pitch and obviously I said when he actually offered me the part, I said yes and did a series of readings.  I think this is the most un-traditional musical they’ve ever done [LAUGHTER] I mean which is kind of funny because that was his original intention, but the script has morphed so much in- it kind of told us what it wanted to be.

Being bloggers of course we wanted to know if there were any fears, she had to overcome to do this film.  In particular we wanted to know if the Musical Aspect of the film was intimidating or if it scared her?  Here’s were we learned more about this Princess than any of us ever knew, she replied:

No, that was what inticed me to want to do it, because I studied music in college and I trained operatically when I was a little girl, um, and I love musical theater so, so, so much.  So, um, I’d done a couple Broadway musicals and I try to keep music as relevant as possible and I, and it really just makes- it puts me in a mental state of happiness like nothing else, I think.  Really like nothing else.  Um, maybe now other than the kid.    But, um, so I was so eager to get my hands on being a part of, of a musical again.  And especially for the two people who I think have modernized musical theater, uh, these days Bobby and Kristen Lopez, because I think as, even as like much of a musical theater freak as I am, it did hit a plateau of becoming a little oh, I’ve seen that kind of musical.  Just flat- hadn’t seen a musical I had liked in a really long time, and then I saw Book of Mormon and my head exploded, you know, [LAUGHTER] it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, you know.

I personally wanted to know how she prepared for the role, as many times actors/actresses have to prepare to be able to effectively represent a character in a role.  Kristen responded to this question by saying:

Uh, I didn’t at all (i.e. prepare).  I came in with so many ideas, because this was not how the movie was written at all.  The, um, the inception of the script was much different than this script we have now.  And then I think they just tried to figure out what worked the best for telling the themes of the story while using the Christian Andersen, um, fairy tale as an outline.  I don’t want her to have good posture, I don’t want her to like have dreamed of holding a sword her whole life.   I just wanted  her to be who I wanted to see on screen when I was little, which is someone who talks too much and too fast.  And I really wanted her to also be, um, proactive, I wanted her to be the, the, the driving force of the movie.  And not just be the damsel that needs someone else, you know.  Like that she wants to- oh, you guys haven’t seen it, spoiler alert!!!!  You’ll see, you’ll see these characteristics, because she’s not, she’s not this, and she’s not like this in the corner either.  She’s really goofy, she’s who I felt like I was when I was a kid.

annacollage(Photo Credit: Disney)

When asked what her (Kristen’s) favorite scene was of the movie she admitted her favorite scene didn’t involve her character Ana.

The scene that I connect to the most and maybe it’s not- it’s not necessarily because of a personal experience, um, but it’s because I appreciate what the story that’s being told, it’s not actually my scene, it’s Elsa has a scene called, uh, she has a song called Let It Go which is done vibrato, you sing- have you guys heard it? It’s so good.  But I mean, Idina obviously is a powerhouse and she just blows it out of the water.

But the song, you know, itself, happens at a point in the movie where her- the, the movie’s whole theme is this idea of, of fear versus love, and the one character that’s driven completely out of love and blind naivete and everything is great, and we’re going to be friends.  Then you have this other character that’s absolutely paralyzed by fear.  Because she shouldn’t be and she does it wrong and she’s not the norm and, you know, the movie is really about her embracing what makes her different, because that’s what makes her unique.  And learning how to not let her fear of- let her fear paralyze her. And this song, Let it Go, she’s finally all about herself!

We poked and prodded Kristen about other areas of her life and upcoming projects and was pleased to learn that there is a Veronica Mars movie coming out soon (thanks to the demand of her fans).  We also learned that she sings the songs from Disney’s Frozen to her daughter and that she wanted Anna to be a funny main character instead of having a funny sidekick.  When you head to see Disney’s Frozen on 11/27/13 you will see that she did an awesome job as a funny main character.  It was truly enjoyable to sit and chat with Kristen and learn about her experience being apart of Disney’s Frozen.

After our interview she took a beautiful group photo with us, which has been printed, framed and hung above my computer desk so I can always have a reminder of this event.  Don’t we look FABULOUS?


At the end of our Interview, Kristen also told us about a charitable product she is currently working with called “This Bar Saves Lives“.  This Bar Saves Lives is a company that sells very yummy tasting bars and for every bar that is purchased a portion of the proceeds goes to a non-profit organization that makes life saving packets of food for needy children.  She brought some bars forus to try and I was able to try the Dark Chocolate, Cherry & Sea Salt Bar which was delicious (I wish I had extras for my plane ride home) and it was quite filling.  I have started to get into the “good for you & tastes great” foods so I would definitely stock up on these.  You can find out more about This Bar Saves Lives by visiting their website.

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  1. It was so much fun to interview her! She’s so sweet and I loved getting an inside look at Anna.
  2. She was very sweet and passionate!
  3. Loved meeting her. She’s very cool and down to earth! What fun we had! #GreatTimes
  4. I agree – she was amazing to interview. So sweet and funny. Thanks for sharing your experience!


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