Make Gift Giving a little more “Personal” with Gifts from Personal Creations #Spon #PCHoliday

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Disclosure: TheRealFrugalDivas received one or more of the items listed below from Personal Creations for evaluation purposes, however all opinions are 100% my own.


Make Gift Giving a little more “Personal” with Gifts from Personal Creations #Spon

Now that you have personalized your Ornaments for your tree, let’s get a little more Personal with Gifts from Personal Creations.  I personally like to get gifts with meaning, gifts that show that the giver really put thought into what he or she is giving me.  Those are really the gifts that I prefer no matter what the cost, it could be something as simple as a package of Red Vines (my favorite candy) or something as expensive as a new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet (yep that’s a hint to Mr. Claus), however I truly prefer the gifts that have just ME in mind.  You know the gifts that scream inside.


Those are the types of gifts that I will be giving this holiday season, the type of gifts that show I took a moment to think about what I wanted to give that was a little more personal.  Gifts that show that I took the time out to think of who I was giving the gift to, not just buying the a gift because it was on sale or I had a coupon for it.  Gifts that say “Cheya needs that” , “Aiden deserves that” or “That’s perfect for dad”.  My daughter who is a bookworm and has books everywhere asked for more books this Christmas.  While I love that she loves to read, I had no clue how I was going to store all of her books, until I got the Canvas BookCase (pictured above).  With this bookcase I can store all of her new books, it matches her bedroom furniture and accessories, plus it is super cute and personalized with her name so she can show it off to her friends.  It’s absolutely perfect for my Little Diva!



My kids do a lot of weekend traveling and like most siblings they ALWAYS are arguing over something, lately it has been sharing their overnight bag. So resolve the problem they are both getting their own personalized bags to carry their goodies in.  I chose different designs and bags for them based on their personalities.  Aiden aka the Little Dude is also known as my little Monster, as he is always terrorizing me or anyone who will sit long enough to endure the torture.  Thus making the Dinosaur bag perfect for him.  Cheya on the other hand is my little sweetie pie, so I had to get her something that was innocent and sweet that showcased her personality, so for her I went with the Cupcake Backpack.




My brother Julius who is the SELF PROCLAIMED King of the Grill is going to love this personalized Spatula.  While I will share with you guys that he does a great job, but Dad is TRULY the King of the Grill I will say he comes in at a close second, but since Dad doesn’t mind sharing the title with my brother…the spatula goes to him…lol.  We spend a lot of time cooking out during the summer and know my brother well enough to know that this is about to become his favorite cooking utensil.  He also loves gifts that have meaning, in fact he still has many of the drawings and pictures I gave him from when I was in grammar school.



Speaking of Dad, he gets a special gift this year from the Grandkids.  Cheya and Aiden think Grandpa is the Bees Knees so why not prove it with his Christmas Gift.  This year part of his gift will include a personalized picture frame that reads “Grandpa – Any man can be a Grandfather but it takes someone really special to be called Grandpa”  My dad is going to love this picture frame.  The kids have just taken holiday pictures so I am going to add a holiday picture in the frame.  My dad is just as crazy over the kids as they are over him, so this frame will warm his heart.


Grandma is getting a special treat to keep her warm on those cold winter nights with a personalized blanket made especially for her, signed by her loving grandchildren.  She is always complaining about being a little nippy so this is perfect for her as this blanket will keep her warm as well as warm her heart.

No matter who you are shopping for, Personal Creations has a gift for everyone on your list.  I hope you are ready to personalize your own Christmas creations? You are?  Great because Personal Creations is offering my readers 20% off of all of your purchases through the end of December. Click HERE to start shopping and the 20% will be applied in your shopping cart.

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