FREE Toilet Seat with this offer

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FREE Toilet Seat with this offer

Who can’t use an extra toilet seat around the house?  TRUE STORY I find myself replacing mine more often than I care to admit lol.  So here is the deal, this week you will earn 10,000 Shop Your Way Points for your purchase of ANY Toilet Seat. I have found some as low as $8.09 making it not only FREE but a slight money maker. Here’s how you take advantage of this offer:

1. Sign up for your FREE Shop Your Way Rewards account here

2. Make sure to select  “I Agree to Personal Shopper Terms and Conditions”.  If you already have a Shop Your Way Rewards account, just sign in here.

If you already had an account, once you have signed in — go back through this link here to connect and get your free 90 days shipping. 

3. Click  NO to “Are you a Sears Holding Employee”, then click NEXT and you are all set! (This sets my ME as your Shop Your Way Personal shopper, and signs you up for your free account)

Once you are done with those steps you will get 90 days of FREE Shop Your Way Max Rewards which will get you the FREE shipping.


4. Then come back to this blogpost and head over to select your Toilet Seat be sure to pick one that is less than $10.00 for this offer to be FREE

5. Checkout and pay but get back $10.00 in points towards future purchases making your new Toilet Seat FREE


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