Feel the Spirit Sundays (2/2/14)

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Feel the Spirit Sundays (2/2/14)

I woke up this morning in an awesome mood and I thought to myself I haven’t done a Feel the Spirit Sunday in awhile, and well there was one song that was in my heart and mind. Jesus will work it out!!! This song is an old school song, I mean a really oldie but goodie. I used to jam to this song when I was a child at my old church. It was one of my mother’s favorite songs and the church would be on fire when Sister Denise (the lead vocalist at our church) would sing this song. This is really a powerful song and it speaks such truth.

I am a true testament of what can happen when you turn it over to the Lord and let him work it out. A little over a year ago I became a single parent and trust me it hasn’t been an easy road. I literally was faced with disconnect notices for all utilities, I was depressed by my situation, and I knew I was only staying in it because I was scared to step out on faith….yet despite all my fears I stepped out on faith and the blessings have flowed. I am not ashamed to tell anyone about my faith or the fact that I love the Lord. So this morning while I am looking at where I have been I am appreciate the journey that I am on and know this much that Jesus will work it out, just turn it over to the Lord and he WILL work it out!!! AMEN!!!!

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