Feel The Spirit Sunday (11/17/13)

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Welcome to Feel the Spirit Sundays

Sundays are special days in my household, its considered a Family Day! I pack up the kids to head off to church, we have our weekly family dinners and we take the time to bond on Sundays. However EVERY Sunday in my house starts off with a little praise and worship to get us to “Feel the Spirit”. So I decided…(here I go)…lol….to share with you the songs that make help jumpstart our Sundays.

This week’s Feel the Spirit Song was picked by the Little Diva in Training.  She picked J. Moss’s “We Must Praise”, this is one of her favorite songs.  Her reasoning is very simple.  She is apart of the Mime Dance team at church and this is one of the songs they have performed to.  That’s her reasoning and for me I think its a great song.  This song is about being blessed with gifts/talents from God and the fact that we should be appreciative of the gifts/talents he has blessed us with.  What are your talents and are you thankful for them?  I hope you are and I hope you can Feel the Spirit with J. Moss’s We Must Praise!

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