Divas aren’t Made, They Are Born! Plush Sized #IGIGIDiva #DisneyFrozenEvent

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Disclosure: IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel provided me with clothing to wear during my experience at the Disney Frozen Event in exchange for my review of their clothing line. No other compensation is given. The opinions and experiences in my posts are 100% mine.


Divas aren’t Made, They Are Born! Plush Sized #IGIGIDiva

It is no secret I am a Plush Sized Diva!!! I’ve been plush sized for as long as I can remember and I came out the womb as a Diva!!!  I mean look at the tagline of this blog….Be Frugal STAY FLY!!!  Come on, only a Diva could come up with such a thing…lol.  It’s true I love to look good, when my is freshly done, my make-up is perfect, and my outfit is “banging” (i.e it looks awesome on me) I feel like a million bucks.  I feel unstoppable.  I feel like the ULTIMATE DIVA!!!  Looking good is the ultimate confidence booster, but you know what helps you look good….choosing the right clothing.



While preparing for the White Carpet Premiere of Disney’s latest animation Frozen I had to find the “perfect” aka the most “Divalicious Dress” to wear to the premiere.  Being plush sized, yes I am plush not plus sized…lol.  I knew not only did it have to fit right, look right, but it had to FEEL RIGHT!  I didn’t have much time to go shopping in the stores with my busy schedule, but more importantly than that I just didn’t feel that the local stores would have what I needed to pull of this look.  I was in search of “THAT DRESS”.  So I did a little research on Plush Size Online Stores and I came across the most fantabulous (yes, another word I made up…I can do this I am A DIVA) Plush Size Online Store EVER!  My addiction to IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel began from the moment I glanced at the website and to be honest, after my White Carpet Experience wearing this Gorgeous Dress by IGIGI it will continue forever.


I browsed the IGIGI website in search of the perfect dress, but I had a particular look in mind.  You see I wanted to mimic the colors from the film just so I could blend in, yet stand out a little more than the average Diva.  My inspiration for my look was this photo of Elsa (photo credit: Disney).



Now let’s be honest the cape for me would’ve been a little too much, however if I needed it I would’ve been able to rock it and pull it off (smile).  I looked at over a dozen dresses on the IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel before I found it.  Before I found the dress that would transform me into a Divalicious Princess on premiere night.  The dress I found is called the Rainforest Paradise Plus Size Maxi Dress and it was/is the perfect dress.  The colors matched the theme of Frozen, it was elegant but not over the top, it flowed well, and I wanted it!  So I placed my order and anxiously awaited for it to arrive.  My dress arrived just days before I was prepping to head off to LA, I immediately tried it on anticipating that I would have to have it resized, I mean isn’t that what you have to do anyway when you order clothes online.  Well no in this case, either I took my measurements perfectly or this dress was destined to be mine or maybe it was a combination of both because the Rainforest Paradise Plus Size Maxi Dress  fit me PERFECTLY!!!  So perfectly I didn’t even need a GIRDLE!!!  Don’t laugh you know us Plush Sized Divas like to feel secure and smooth in our dresses.  I was so happy with the way my dress looked and felt that I decided to keep it a secret and not reveal my dress until the night of the premiere.  I didn’t want anyone to see my dress in advance, I wanted to experience the shock factor when I finally unveiled this new IGIGIDiva!


On the White Carpet I earned my cape….lol.  We joked about this after we had a moment to look over the pictures from the night, look at the picture above doesn’t it look like the cape belongs to me….and don’t I blend in well with the theme.  Yet another reason why the Rainforest Paradise Plus Size Maxi Dress was the best choice for me for this event.  I received so many compliments on my dress and of course everyone wanted to know where it came from.  There were some people who were familiar with IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel who immediately recognized her fashion.  I was completely comfortable in this dress, the fabric felt amazing against my skin and I was the ULTIMATE DIVA for the night!  Heck I am looking for an occasion to wear my dress out again as we speak, so if you have a wedding, party, or an event that requires me to dress up be sure to invite me…lol.

Want to be transformed into an IGIGIDiva?  Well be sure to head to their website and check out the amazing clothes that they offer.  Choose outfits for everyday wear or for special occasions, but no matter what you choose your clothing for…when you wear it you will be turned into the ULTIMATE DIVA an IGIGIDiva! 



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  1. WOW! You look stunning! Great dress!!!!!
  2. Ruston Blankenship says:
    I love your blog! Very cool! I think you’re gorgeous and you look like a princess! Keep up the good work!

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