Diva Shopping: My @Kmart Shopping Trip

2014-03-30 13.46.17

Diva Shopping: My @Kmart Shopping Trip

I went to my local Kmart this morning to do my normal #PersonalShopper scouting and I found some really really really great deals.  First of all it pays to sign up for Shop Your Way and become a member, because you get a lot of great offers – Plus you can sign up for me to be your Shop Your Way Personal Shopper and I can help you find the deals you are seeking.  As a bonus for signing up for me to be your Personal Shopper you will get an exclusive coupon to get $5 in points to redeem on your next purchase of $25+, it’s just a little thank you for signing up.  Now let me tell you about what I scored today.

Piggy Banks are on clearance. Regular price $19.99 got all the banks pictured for $1.76 each

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Diva Shopping: My Kmart Shopping Trip #PersonalShopper

kmart shopping trip Diva Shopping:  My Kmart Shopping Trip #PersonalShopper

So I took some time out today take advantage of the Coupon Doubling over at Kmart and I scored.  Now to earn the points like I have you have to have a Shop Your Way Rewards card, you can sign up to get a card and for me to be your Personal Shopper HERE. (FYI: There is no charge for either service) Here’s what’s in the picture above:

  • 10 Windex Touch Up Cleaners
  • 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Disinfectants
  • 8 Scrubbing Bubbles with Fantastik All Purpose Cleaners
  • 6 Bottles of Suave Moroccan Lotion
  • 2 Downy Infusions
  • 2 Tide Pods
  • 8 Special K Nourish
  • 2 Dial Body Washes
  • 2 Old Spice Deodorants
  • 2 Old Spice Sprays
  • 8 Barilla Pasta Entrees
  • 4 Packages of Hanes Underwear for kids
  • 5 Wet n Wild (not pictured)
  • 1 Arizona Tea (drank on the ride home)

A total of 63 items.  Here’s what I did:

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My Diva Shopping 11/02/2013


My Diva Shopping 11/02/2013

So I was late to personal training because I just HAD to stop and do a quick deal, but its okay because I bribed him with Bleach.  Here are the deals I did today:

Family Dollar $0.16 Bleach

Purchased 4 – 64 oz Clorox Bleach $2.00 each
Instant Savings of $5.35
Used (2) $1/2 Clorox Bleach 55 oz or larger 10/6/13 SS (exp 11/30/13)
Final Price: $0.65

Walgreens Toilet Paper “Double Dip”

Purchase 2 packs of Nice Brand Toilet Paper the 6 pack (double rolls) on sale 2 for $5.00
One will ring up for $2.50 and the other will ring up for FREE
Pay $2.50 for both Packs.

Happy Shopping

My Shopping Trip to Toys R Us

winx shopping

My Shopping Trip to Toys R Us

So you know that Winx Vanity Set I have been posting about I thought it was itty bitty come to find out its actually a decent size.  I headed to Toys R Us today to pick my two up and discovered a few other items and a deal that I put together to make this a frugalicious find.  While there I found Winx Makeup Sets for $1.98 (also available online, but there is no picture).  I found the Aisha Doll for $15.98 + there is a promotion to get a FREE Winx Club Guitar (24.99 value) with ANY Winx Club doll and accessory purchase of $30 or more.  So I grabbed 2 Vanity Sets, 4 Makeup Sets, the Aisha Doll and scored the guitar for FREE.  You can repeat the same deal online and have it shipped to you for free if you spend $49+ or you can select to pick up your items in store if available.  Happy Shopping!


Target Shopping: $3.40 for 6 items

target shopping

Target Shopping: $3.30 for 6 items

I am on a mission to prove to my friends and family that they should start using coupons and taking advantage of the deals I post, however I know many of them get overwhelmed by my “coupon jargon” and hey so do some of my readers so I decided to do a simple deal to show everyone how you can save money on groceries without even printing or clipping a single coupon from the paper.  This transaction was done at Target and required the use of my smartphone and a Target application called “Cartwheel” now saving gets no easier than this so I want you to take a deep breath and just follow these instructions so that you can recreate the same deal.  Keep in mind I did not use a single PAPER coupon all I used was my smartphone. So what I have decided to do was do a step by step breakdown of the deal and challenge all of you to go out and recreate it, this way you can see for yourself how easy it is to save money using coupon and shopping smart!

  • Step 1 – Text the word FRESH to 827-438
  • You will receive a link to mobile coupons from Target in that link will be 6 IMPORTANT coupons that will help you complete your transaction they are:  $1.00 off Archer Farms or Market Pantry Purchase of $2+, $1.00 off Fresh Vegetables $1+, $1.00 off Frozen Food item $1+, $1.00 off Fresh Fruit $1+, $1.00 off any brand sandwich bread, and $1.00 off fresh meat $1+
  • You will notice that when the link directs you to the coupons there is a bar code at the top of the coupons, this bar code will be scanned by the cashier and will save you $6.00 on this purchase.
  • Okay next step – Go to you App Store and download the Target Cartwheel application.  You will like Target Cartwheel with your Facebook page and this application will help you save 5% on several of the items you are going to purchase.
  • Once you sign into the application add the following coupons to your cartwheel:  5% off Market Pantry Frozen Fruit, 5% off All Natural Ground Beef, and 5% off Market Pantry Bread.
  • Notice at the top of your Cartwheel Coupons there is also a Bar Code, this will also be presented at check out for additional savings.

Now these steps may have taken you a total of 5-7 minutes tops, now I am going to show you what to do to take advantage of these savings.  Head to Target and grab these items:

Green Giant Broccoli (In the bag by the fresh veggies) on sale for $1.49 (Make sure this is ringing up for the right price, if not have the cashier adjust mine rang up for $2.49 but its on sale for $1.49 so I had to have my total adjusted in the end)
Market Place Pantry Bread $1.39
5 Bananas – Bananas are A$0.24 each so 5 of them will be $1.20
Birds Eye Veggie Medley with Brown Rice $1.02
Market Place Froze Mixed Berry Medley $2.96
Ground Round on sale for $2.51

Head to the cashier and have her ring these items up, then present your cartwheel application first.  This will take 5% off of the Market Place Frozen Fruit, The Ground Round and the Bread.

Then present your Target Mobile Coupons Barcode which will take another $6.00 off your order.

Final Price: $3.40 for all 6 items or $0.57 per item.  Tell me when have you EVER paid only $0.57 for Ground Beef or any of these items.

Okay here are some other things you should know, if you use a Target Red Card you can save an additional 5% off your total and if you bring in your own recyclable bag you can save an additional $0.05. So these are also additional factors that can help you save money…see how easy this is getting?…lol

Happy shopping and if you are my friend on Facebook or Instagram please be sure to tag me in your hauls as I like to see the end results of a great deal!

Walgreens Double Dip Deal **HURRY** Today only!


Walgreens Double Dip Deal **HURRY** Today only!

It’s been a while since I reported a Double Dip, but I am back on track and will be reporting them as I find them each week.  So for those of you who are not familiar with Double Dips let me break it down for you.  A double dip is when two ads overlap, or better yet the Sunday Sale early activates on Saturday allowing you to take advantage of BOTH deals and well that is the situation I found myself in this AM at Walgreens.  Here is the deal, the coupons you need now clip AND RUN!!! Yes this is a deal you need to run for.

Always Radiant Double Dip:

Always Radiant are ringing up for $3.99 on Buy one Get one 50% off (=$1.99)
Buy 2 Always Radiant Pads
Use (2) $2/1 Always, Infinity pad, Radiant pad or pantiliner 7/28/13 P&G Insert (exp 08/31/2013)
Final Price: $1.98 or $0.99 each

Tampax Pearl Double Dip:

Tampax Pearl are ringing up for $3.99 on Buy one Get one 50% off (=$1.99)
Purchase 2 Tampax Pearl Tampons
Use (2) $2/1 Tampax Pearl or Radiant tampon or peal liner, 16 ct+ 7/28/13 P&G Insert (exp 08/31/2013)
Final Price $1.98 or $0.99 each

FREE GOT2BE Hair Products Double Dip:

Got2Be Hair Products are ringing up $3.99 Buy one Get one FREE
Purchase 2 Got2Be Hair Products
Use (2) $2/1 got2b styling 8/4/13 RP Insert (exp 09/14/2013)
Final Price: FREE **The cashier will need to adjust the second coupon to $1.99 as Walgreens does not allow coupon overage so the coupon will beep.

Keep in mind there is a limit of 4 alike coupons per transaction listed on each of these coupons so if you have a lot of coupons you will need to do multiple transactions.  Also be on the lookout for the bonus boxes that include extra tampons or coupons inside.  Those are also ringing up as part of the sale.


CVS Summer Clearance Sale up to 75% off


CVS Summer Clearance Sale save up to 75%

If you are out shopping today be sure to stop at CVS and check their clearance section. Many CVSs have dropped their prices by 75% while some are still at 50%, but if your store has dropped their prices you are in luck as I found $1.75 Charcoal, $0.39 freezer packs, $5.00 Coolers, $0.34 freeze pops and much more. You will see from my receipt that I paid $3.84 (after redeeming Extra Care Bucks) but saved a whooping $186.71. So RUN don’t walk to your local CVS to see what frugalicious finds you come across!


How to use my Blog Video!!



How to use my Blog!!!

Hi Diva’s and Dudes,

I wanted to put out a reminder of how you can use my blog to print out your deals, coupons and just how to navigate it period.  Please take the time to review this video and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Target Mobile Coupon Shopping = 7 items for less than $4.00

target shopping

Target Mobile Coupon Shopping = 7 items for less than $4.00

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you should’ve seen my message to text for your Target Mobile Coupons.  If you don’t follow me on either of those outlets, please start following me because sometimes I am able to post things on Instagram before I can post it to the blog.  However, here is what you need to do.  Text the word “FRESH” to 827438 and also text the word “SPRING” to 827438 to get the following coupons:  (FYI: These expire TODAY so do the deal TODAY)

FRESH gets you $12.00 in coupons:

  • $1.00 off of Fresh Fruit purchase of $1.00 or more
  • $1.00 off Fresh Vegetable Purchase of $1.00 or more
  • $1.00 off of Fresh Meat Purchase of $1.00 or more
  • $1.00 off of any brand sandwich bread purchase of $1.00 or more
  • $1.00 off frozen food purchase of $1.00 or more
  • $1.00 off Market Pantry or Archer Farms purchase of $1.00 or more
  • $1.00 off Any Brand Dish Detergent
  • $1.00 off 6-pk or larger any brand bath tissue
  • $1.00 off 6-pk or larger any brand paper towel
  • $1.00 off any brand trash bags
  • $1.00 off up & up purchase of $3.00 or more

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Shopping Experiences: My Walgreens Shopping on 3/31/13

walgreens take

My Walgreens Shopping on 03/31/13

Earlier this week I reported that there was going to be a Money Making Walgreens Deal on the 7up Ten products and it was good for only ONE DAY (3/31/13). Well I am pleased to announce that I scored BIG TIME with that deal. I didn’t realize it I thought I only had 35 of these coupons but I had a WHOOOPING 75 coupons for this deal. Now I can’t drink pop, but it was a money making deal and with my Church’s Anniversary coming up I figured this would be a great contribution to add for the Anniversary Dinner and any upcoming events we may have because well that’s a lot of pop. So I headed to my local Walgreens and completed 60 yes 60 transactions, and to share my blessings on Easter Sunday I left 15 coupons for customers to use. (I am happy to say when I stopped in my Walgreens today, the cashier that rang me up said all 15 of my coupons were claimed and used by customers 8))…Good Deed accomplished. So here is my results with this deal:

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