#DivaMail: I got my $12.99 Bowflex Watch


#DivaMail:  I got my $12.99 Bowflex Watch

I don’t just post deals, I do them too.  Like this deal where I scored a Bowflex Heart Monitor Watch for only $12.99 originally $129.99.  The deal is no longer good, but I love to show you that I shop just like you do!

#DivaMail: My Little Diva’s American Girl Doll


#DivaMail:  My Little Diva’s American Girl Doll

I can’t believe I forgot to post on the blog some of my recent DivaMail, so please charge it to the head and not the heart as I play catchup over these next few blogposts.  Okay so I received my Little Diva’s American Girl Doll which is part of her Christmas Gift from Mrs. Divaclaus…lol.  I paid $62.38 for an outfit and the doll.  This deal is no longer good, but this goes to show you that you can save on pretty much anything!  Here is the original blogpost!

#DivaMail: The Diva in Training got her Tommy Hilfiger Boots

tommy hilfiger boots

#DivaMail: The Diva in Training got her Tommy Hilfiger Boots

Well the little miss is away for the weekend but she will be excited when she gets home because her Tommy Hilfiger Boots came to the house on Friday.  I am really impressed by these boots not only are they stylish in looks but they appear to be very durable.  If you didn’t get in on this offer when I originally posted it, its not too late.  You can still get your Little Diva in Training a pair for less than $26.00 – here is the original blogpost!

#DivaMail: I picked up my #FREE Starter Socks

starter socks

#DivaMail:  I picked up my #FREE Starter Socks

I actually did this last week, but just got around to posting my DivaMail.  So the other day I posted a deal to get FREE Starter Socks from Walmart.  Well I picked my socks up and I am awaiting my cashback from TopCashBack so I can score these babies for #FREE with a small overage.  I am saving all the money I get back from TopCashBack to use for my Black Friday Shopping!!!  I love FREE don’t you.  This offer is still available if you want to take advantage of it!

#DivaMail: I got my $5.09 Craftsman ToolBag


#DivaMail: I got my $5.09 Craftsman ToolBag

I love bargains for the kids, for myself and for the men in my life.  Which is why I immediately jumped on this deal to get the Craftsman 13 in Toolbag for only $5.09 SHIPPED (total ended up being $5.41 after tax).  My dad literally has tools everywhere so this little bag is perfect for him to do a little clean up.  He can toss his “on the go” tools in it and keep them nice and neatly in his truck.  The Craftsman 13 in Toolbag makes an EXCELLENT Holiday gift for the ToolMan in your life.  This deal is still available and you will earn 50 Shop Your Way Rewards points with this purchase!  Order your Craftsman 13 in Toolbag today!

#DivaMail – I got my $10.99 Chucks & $4.99 Jeans


#DivaMail – I got my $10.99 Chucks & $4.99 Jeans

My kids were happy to open the #DivaMail today because they got their goodies from the Modnique Labor Day sale.  This offer is no longer valid, but when I took advantage of this offer there was a $20.00 credit that was being offered which I used to get the Diva in Training jeans for only $4.99 and the Little Dude Converse Chucks for only $10.99. Modnique has kids goodies, household goodies and even goodies for adults at up to 85% off and they often offer credits as incentives to purchase.  Sign up today for Modnique to checkout their goodies!

#DivaMail – I picked up my #free Just Kidz Sounds ‘n Rattle Keys

sounds n rattle keys

#DivaMail – I picked up my #free Just Kidz Sounds ‘n Rattle Keys

I am slowly but surely banging out my Christmas list and stocking up on great #freebies that I find.  I don’t like to be a last minute shopper so I shop all year long.  Well for the newest addition to my family (my niece is pregnant) I picked up this Just Kidz Sounds ‘n Rattle Keys for #free.  Now this offer is still available so you can take advantage of it as well.  It does require in-store pickup but its #free so why not take a quick drive to get it.  Here’s my original post!

#DivaMail: I got my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

urban decay

#DivaMail:  I got my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

DivaMail came and in it was my Urban Decay 10 Eyeshadow Palette.  I actually got this on Friday, but have been running around grabbing deals so I wasn’t able to post this until now.  The colors are GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to wear them, I’m not even waiting for a special occasion I think I am going to sport them to work tomorrow because I am a Diva and I can do that.  If you missed it when it was originally posted, you haven’t actually missed out because its still available.  Go to this BLOGPOST to check out the offer and get your Urban Decay 10 Eyeshadow Palette for only $12.00!

#DivaMail: I got my #FREE Play-Doh Plus

play-doh plus

#DivaMail: I got my #FREE Play-Doh Plus

Woohoo!! DivaMail is where I highlight what I get in the mail.  I love doing DivaMail because it shows that not only do I post these deals but I do them as well.  So today my FREE Play-Doh Plus 8 pack arrived.  I am putting this little guy up along with some of the other goodies I have for the little Dude for the Holidays!  Have you got your freebie yet?  If not check out this BLOGPOST to claim your Free Play-Doh Plus 8 pack!

#DivaMail: I got my free Brew Over Ice Tumbler

brew over ice tumbler

#DivaMail:  I got my free Brew Over Ice Tumbler

I love my freebies, I don’t just post them I grab them too. Yesterday I got my FREE Brew Over Ice Tumbler (No Longer Available), see the original blogpost!  Freebies posted on this blog are REAL.  Hope you are taking advantage of it.  Best of all it came with not one but 2 coupons, the one pictured and the sticker on the tumbler is actually ANOTHER $2.00 off coupon!   Can you say WINNING!!

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