Barbie Digital Dress Doll for $19.99 (Reg $49.99)

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digital barbie doll dress

Barbie Digital Dress Doll for $19.99 (Reg $49.99)

Barbie has been completely upgraded from the Barbie I knew growing up. Check out this offer to get the Upgraded Barbie Digital Dress Doll for $19.99 (reg $49.99). This is a great gift for a Barbie Collector or your little one who is into Barbies. Here are the details about the Barbie Digital Dress Doll:

  • Barbie has gone digital with a customizable LED dress that lights up
  • Girls can choose different design modes, from built-in graphics to customized designs to rhythmic motion
  • Cool translucent boots that light up too complete the cutting-edge look
  • Always staying on top of the coolest trends, Barbie debuts her idea of digital dress
  • The runway has never shined brighter with this one-of-a-kind LED dress

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