#100DayFitnessChallenge: Day 1

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#100DayFitnessChallenge: Day 1

So I am all prepped and ready to start this #100DayFitnessChallenge, I wanted to start earlier this year but the mandatory OT that I have been working has been delaying my start.  While I am still on it for the month of February I couldn’t delay it anymore, I have a goal to fit in a 2 piece this summer (for me that is NOT a bikini don’t get it twisted it..lol  That means a Swimsuit with a hot cover-up…lol).

So what are my goals during this challenge:

  1. Eat healthier, not just me but my kids too.  We will be cutting out fast food….McDonalds will not be getting my money over the next 100+ days (smile)
  2. Commit to doing some form of exercise EVERYDAY over the next 100 days, even if it means taking the steps instead of the elevator, parking as far away from the entrance at work, or hitting the gym.  Everyday I will be doing something to help me get to my goal weight.
  3. Exploring healthier food alternatives.  I am picky about what I eat…well when it comes to eating healthy, but like many I can eat junk food all day.  Well for the next 100 days I am banning junk food (this is going to be hard), yes that means I am giving up the Red Vines.
  4. Work on toning and sculpting my body.  Let me be honest, I am a thick chick and I LOVE my curves.  I am by NO MEANS…let me repeat by NO MEANS trying to get skinny.  I want to get healthy and work on embracing my curves.  I have a goal of weighing 200 lbs and I only set that goal because last time when I wore 200 lbs I fit into a size 10-12 and was comfortable at that weight.  If I don’t reach 200 lbs but I am comfortable in how I look then I will be okay with that.

Tools I am using:

Okay so without further ado let’s get started. Here is my inital #100DayFitnessChallenge Video. My weigh in…I was nervous doing this but I made it and I did it. Okay don’t judge me I am a thick chick lol

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